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Petite Blythe Tutorial

Petite Blythe after a re-root and new face up.

Petite Blythe Opening

  •  Select the petite to be customized.  I selected a petite with a scalp color close to the mohair I would use. 

  • Using a screwdriver, I removed the screw in the back of the head.  I pried the head open and removed the body.

  • Use an Exacto (x-acto) knife to slice open a little bit of the scalp line. Do NOT push the knife all the way through.  You want to preserve the inner mold/scalp.  
  • After making the initial incision with the X-acto, remove the back plate by pulling it away from the scalp.  I use my fingers for prying and pulling.
  • Proceed to remove the front plate from the scalp. (This is not necessary but it makes a re root easier.)

  • Here she is now without a back plate.

  • Showing you more details of what she looks like.  :)

After removing the front plate, I proceed to clean up the scalp line with the x-acto knife.  It will make it easier to place the scalp back.

  • Pointing out the inside scalp mold that makes gluing back the head much easier, in my opinion.

  • Note that I cut her hair short.

  • Proceed to make the bottom of the scalp big enough for a pair of pliers to fit.  It also makes re-rooting easier.

  • Now you can see the inside! 

  • Make sure you don't cut that little scalp all the way through.

  • Proceed to pull hair from the inside using a pair of pliers or tweezers... whatever you have

  • All the parts have been separated and cleaned
  • Clean scalp

  • Eye mechanism

  • The chips can come off if you want to swap them

  • Getting ready for the re-root.  In this case, I used a Tibetan lambskin.  I got the mohair wet first and only made a few plugs at a time... maybe 3 or 4

  • Make knot on the top end of your plug and use the needle threader to pass through the needle.
  • Start re-rooting the scalp one plug at a time.  It's very tedious!
  • I use the pliers to pull the needle through the scalp

  • Keep on going!


  1. Awesome tutorial!!! I was wonder if you would reroot the same way for saran/nylon?

  2. Hi!
    Yes, you can. I rerooted a petite with the knot method using nylon before. ^___^ If you visit my flickr look for the custom petite named Sprinkles. She has a pink nylon hair.

  3. Lo haces igual que yo :)
    soy samarapetiteblythe

  4. I love your tutorial ! Great inspiration to give this a try very soon ! Yours little ones are so cute !!

  5. Thanks for this great tutorial! I started a mohair re-root on my petite a few months ago but with a fine crotchet hook. Perhaps when I continue it I will used a needle instead.

  6. What mm size does petites eyes chips come in?

    1. HI! Thank you all for the visits and the nice comments.
      Muchas gracias a todas por sus visita y lindos comentarios.

      Dreaming Tree: Takara Petites wear 5 mm eye chips (flat on the back)- I actually have used your eyechips on a custom pink hair girl I made a long time ago. Very very cute chips!

  7. Hi, I was wondering if I can reroot a keychain petite the same way.

    1. So sorry for the late reply. I have never had a keychain petite so I'm unsure. As long as the petite has stock hair that can be removed the possibility for reroot is there. :)

  8. Muy bueno el tutorial.. gracias

  9. Hi, many thanks for the tutorial. Do you know where i get the petite eye chip? I can't find them and i need to change them but nobody have. Many thanks.

  10. Hi, i need to know how i can remove the Petite eye chips, because i dont know how and i need to know if there are someone to do realistics chips for petite blythe. Many thanks.