Welcome to my site! This is my place to post pictures, tutorials, and doll related stories. I'm so excited!


I have decided to open a small commissions list... 
I will only accept new commissions sparingly and on a first come - first served basis.  I am trying to avoid rushing through orders and allow my imagination to flow a bit more freely.
I appreciate your time and really don't like making you wait for too long; however, the waiting time on a custom order may take weeks depending on how busy my regular life is at the time... I have two kids and also full time job.

If you are still interested in a commission from me, let me know.  There are links to my Etsy and Flickr accounts here and on my first page.  If I have no commission at that moment then, you will be next.
I will post here if I'm working on something at the moment and let you know when I complete it.
  If you don't mind waiting then this is the waiting list...

There is no list at this time...