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Blythe Beauty Contest 2010

Feonalita & MixiMichi Collaboration
Feonalita and MixiMichi Blythe entry for the 2010 Blythe Beauty contest.
We made it to the final 12, then we actually won 2nd place!! Yay!

We made it!!!!

Blythe Beauty Contest 2010

Feonalita and Mixi Michi collaboration for the Blythe Beauty Contest. We made it to the finalists! I'm so excited that I'm shaking!
Time Traveler Jade:
Face up by Feonalita of House of Blythe
Outfit, hair, and pet robot by me: MixiMichi
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Time traveler Jade - Her story:
Born amidst the Science Flux era, mad scientist - Time Traveler Jade was certainly ahead of her times. The story goes that while fabricating her trusty autonomous robot companion, Mr. Ruby, she stumbled upon the mechanical-mathematical formula for space-time continuum. Promptly, she took apart her inherited vintage clocks and jewels and concocted the greatest invention of all time: The Time Machine. Jade disguised her contraption in her attire. Her skirt transports the gears and powerful jade jewels that power up the machine. The vintage aviator goggles set the place that she wants to go to and her coquettish bow tie sets the time and date.
Her real name is unknown. The name Jade was given because of the color of her hair. It is said by scholars that her hair has turned green due to the precious jade stones that provide the battery power for her outfit. She doesn’t mind the name or the hair color. In fact she loves to be different.
Jade has traveled the world and mastered the space- time continuum. During her travels, Jade has taken many photographs documenting her fabulous adventures. It has been told that she traveled to 1972 to meet the very first of her kind. They shared chocolate ice cream and laughs. She has met many of her sisters and on occasion allowed them to borrow her invention. Once in a while, Jade and Mr. Ruby will let you see a glimpse of their adventures and purposely upload a photo or two to be seen on the vast internet or they will snap a black and white photo and place it in some lucky collector’s vault to be found later.
Time traveler Jade has learned about her past and rejoiced about her future. There are many stories to be told, many people to meet, and a lot of places to be with Time Traveler Jade and her faithful companion.